A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A GxB/NB story of identity, romance, careers, and...like...magic and stuff.

Recommended OT/PG13 for language and light sexual reference. 

Stella shares her mind with an ancient, otherworldly being, something entirely unlike anything else in the material realm, with primal desires that could rip them both apart. 

Her name is Rose. And Rose is annoyed.

Even in their world of elves and magic and dragon people and crap, to have an Other is altogether too strange, so Stella would rather keep their condition under wraps. This means no credit to Rose for their career advancement and practically no say in their romantic partners…of which there are far too few for Rose’s liking. But hey, Stella’s comfortable with her lack of sexual and romantic attraction. Why can’t Rose be?

A telepathic odd-couple, living their life and looking for love in all the…just…regular places?

Demo created for Acejam 2018. 

This demo build contains unfinished art, UI, and additional features. Please be sure to comment below with any bugs,  gameplay issues (art clarity, writing, whatever), or anything you feel would benefit the full release. 

Full release to come 2020. 

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The D (Stands for Demon) [Demo] 73 MB
Version 0.5.3 Aug 16, 2019
The D (Stands for Demon) [Demo] 71 MB
Version 0.5.3 Aug 16, 2019
The D (Stands for Demon) [Demo] 72 MB
Version 0.5.3 Aug 16, 2019

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Really loved playing this game! I loved watching the relationship between Stella and Rose in their own head while they're flirting with the dudes. The sexual innuendos was nice and the title.... mhmmmm~ Very nice~  I say "The D" was worth it and I hope in future game play, Stella and Rose will we able to reach for "The D." IF you guys wanna see a live stream let's play of this game, come check it out! 


This is a really fun game! To anyone on the fence about downloading it..just do it! The main character is very relatable and quirky.  The romance options are unique and there are cut scenes and animations! Well worth the play through.