A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Go out and find yourself," they told her. That's what all good, young elves do. Who would have thought that would be so hard? Living in world that she isn't sure wants her to be there, Cora feels like she's floating through life, trying to find a place to plant her roots. When her usual walk through the park brings her path across a sylvan named Amy, it seems like this might be just the right kind of upheaval to get her sorted.

Features 2 endings, 2 CG's and a GxG romance.

Built in one-month for NaNoReNo 2017 by a one-woman team, Amaranth is the first game she's ever put into production. Keep an eye out as additional content including voice acting, a third route, and additional CG's will be added in a second, post game jam update.

Check out the production diary.

Install instructions

Download the zip file of your platform of choice, and extract it to your preferred folder. Run the executable from there.


Amaranth-1.0-mac.zip (39 MB)
Amaranth-1.0-pc.zip (54 MB)

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