A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Go out and find yourself," they told her. That's what all good, young elves do. Who would have thought that would be so hard? Living in world that she isn't sure wants her to be there, Cora feels like she's floating through life, trying to find a place to plant her roots. When her usual walk through the park brings her path across a sylvan named Amy, it seems like this might be just the right kind of upheaval to get her sorted.

The first version of Amaranth was built in one month for NaNoReNo 2017 by a one-woman team.


single GxG romance

full voice acting from amazing cast

3 endings (third one unlocks with extended scenes)

5 CG's 

15k+words (about an hour play time for one route)


Elissa Park
Libby Moffett
GregCallum Janes
IsannaErin Evans-Walker
KaliocanthusNick Adams
JulieAnnelise Belmonte
Prof. FowlerJeff Werden
Additional VoicesDan Halley
Rachael Huszar
Ashe Thurman


Check out the production diary.


Amaranth 2.0, PC 137 MB
Amaranth 2.0, Mac 136 MB
Amaranth 2.0, Linux 140 MB

Install instructions

After downloading, unzip the game to its own folder. The executable file will be present, and simply double click.  Home-grown software (especially ones built in Ren'Py) are sometimes false-flagged by anti-virus software. If this happens, try the following:

  • Run as Administrator
  • Mark as safe/whitelist in your antivirus
  • Perform a manual scan, then re-download
  • Temporarily turn off the anti-virus.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Development log


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Ashe you're the queen of urban fantasy realism. I love this??????? I related hardcore, lol. I got all three endings and I'm so happy you had that third ending. I wanted to see Cora bloom into her own person so much. ;----; 

A beautiful little game. Thank you so much for making it!!!

Ah! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I really REALLY am.